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Reader's Workshop:  During this time, children will meet in small guided reading groups. In guided reading, children  read texts that are at their instructional level and practice reading strategies.  Others will be reading independently, and making their center choices.  We have 10 to 12 center choices for them to choose from:  Listening Center, Poetry, Shared Reading, Math, Computer, Art, Writing, Independent Reading, Science/Social Studies, Desk (catch up on any work in their "To-Do" folder), Browsing Baskets, Book Exchange, and Meet with the Teacher (Guided Reading groups and Individual Reading Conferences).
Independent Reading: Each child has his/her own colored bag of "just right" books to read during this time. The children will bring these books home every night so that they have material that is at their independent level to practice from.  There is a strategy poster that is included in the reading bag to assist readers with tricky words.  When choosing "just right" books I ask the children to use a "5-Finger Test" to determine whether the text is "Too Easy", "Just Right", or "Too Hard".

Especially in the early stages of learning to read, I ask my students to read with an adult or older sibling each evening.  This helps promote progress with fluency.  Please remember that these reading bags MUST be returned daily!  We use these bags EACH day during  Reader's Workshop.

Click on this link to see what readers do at the various levels of learning to read:  Reading Level Strategies  (If any of the linked pages above are too small to read, click on page in the menu bar, then zoom)

Shared Reading: Shared reading is a relaxing and fun way for the teacher to demonstrate and support what good readers do.  During this time, we enjoy Big Books that have been written for this specific purpose.  These books have natural rhythm and rhyme flowing throughout.  As the children become familiar with the story, they join in to read the text collaboratively.  These repeated readings build confidence, fluency, and word familiarity, as well as provide practice in phonemic awareness, phonics and vocabulary.  This is also a powerful context for demonstrating and practicing all aspects of the reading process.
Poetry:  One to three poems will be introduced each week.  This provides another shared reading experience for the class.  Also, the children will place a copy of each poem in their own poetry folder and will have their own treasury of poetry at the end of the year.
Harcourt Reading:  The Language Arts basal that our district has adopted is a literature-based reading series called "Trophies".  Our curriculum includes: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, exposure to various genres of literature, spelling and study skills.


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